About Origem


Recognized as one of the leading independent companies operating in the Brazilian onshore sector, we believe in a prosperous and powerful future for Brazil.

We actively participate in expanding and transforming the Brazilian energy matrix towards a low-carbon economy.

For us, ensuring a nation’s energy security is as important as producing cleaner energy. One of our major projects is to transform Alagoas into one of the main energy hubs in the Brazilian Northeast with integrated solutions.

Different from other players, our energy comes from gas – a more stable and clean energy resource – which ensures stability to meet the energy demand and fosters the growth of renewables in the matrix.

Our integrated operating model supports the displacement of more polluting fuels through gas interiorization, underground storage, and the mastery of new technological pathways, fostering economic development.

We take pride in executing strategies and projects that empower the communities around our activities and the Brazilian society.