With the Alagoas Hub, Origem has become one of the country’s largest independent gas producers, with an integrated infrastructure likely to become one of Brazil’s main energy hubs.

We operate in the upstream, midstream, and downstream segments with integrated infrastructure solutions focused on the natural gas value chain.

Currently, we operate 34 concessions in the states of Alagoas, Bahia, Espírito Santo and Rio Grande do Norte, with over 480 km of pipelines and the capability to transport throughout Brazil.

Of our production is Non-Associated Natural Gas


Compared to other fossil fuels, gas emits 44% less CO2 than coal and 27% less than oil, according to the BNDES document “Natural Gas – A Key Fuel for a Low Carbon Economy.”


Our gas is highly competitive due to three factors: high flexibility, low penalties for customers and competitive prices. These advantages result from ease of transportation and our comprehensive infrastructure.


We are the only company with a privatized UPGN, the largest producer of non-associated gas connected to TAG’s (Associated Gas Carrier) transport network, with direct access to a sea port oil export terminal.


The possibility of integrating our own processed production with third-party volumes positions Origem Energia at the forefront of the natural gas supply chain provisioning.


The Alagoas and Tucano Sul Hubs are located in two of the four main onshore basins with a high exploration potential for non-associated gas and are integrated into the national distribution system. In Alagoas, we also have direct access to an export terminal.


Origem: Building energy solutions for a safer and cleaner matrix at competitive prices.

Although we have the potential to cater to the international market, Origem Energia focuses its operations on the domestic environment, selling LPG and oil to local distribution companies and authorized private customers.

The company has a 480 km pipeline network, easy access to the national network through TAG delivery points and access to a sea port oil export terminal in Alagoas.

More than products, Origem works to ensure a supply security balancing service, providing solutions for the Brazilian energy market.

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