Growing without leaving anyone behind.. 

We recognize Origem Energia’s influence in the regions where it operates and we believe that transparent and lasting partnerships will be essential in the process of local development.

The essence of Origem is entrepreneurship, safe and innovative energy integration, and the country’s economic development.

As a company specializing in integrated energy solutions, our commitment to best practices extends from the production of the least polluting and most stable energy resource – natural gas – to proposing solutions that make room for renewables in the energy matrix and mastering the existing new technological pathways.


We have policies and internal processes that adhere to best practices, monitoring indicators and market trends. Adopting an integrated corporate management system like SAP provides greater transparency to Origem Energia’s governance.


As an independent energy and infrastructure company, we are committed to ensuring a safe and low-carbon energy transition. Although natural gas is less polluting than other fossil fuels, its use emits greenhouse gases, but we continue to take actions to mitigate this consequence.


Committed to shaping the stories that change Brazil, we have grown in a responsible, ethical and transparent manner.

Research, Development & Innovation 

In pursuit of energy solutions that support the transition and security of the energy matrix, our company’s consolidation strategy focuses on research, development and innovation projects to master new technological pathways in the quest for less polluting fuels.


Our priority is the occupational and operational safety of our activities, offices and stakeholders.


The global society is rapidly moving towards a cleaner energy matrix. Origem Energia, through integrated infrastructure and intelligent solutions, works to support the safety and transition of the Brazilian energy matrix towards a low-carbon economy.