Complementarity amongst the founding partners – a strategist, a perfectionist, and a brilliant technician – and our multidisciplinary team is the Origin of our energy.

At an accelerated pace, we are working to transform the Alagoas facility into one of the main energy hubs in the Brazilian Northeast.


  • Resumption of marginal accumulation bid rounds after 10 years

    (CNPE nº 01/2015 and 04/2016)

  • Origem's First Acquisition

    4th Bid round of Marginal Fields When it all began. We acquired the Garça Branca Marginal Field in Espírito Santo.

  • Permanent Offer is instituted

    (CNPE n° 17/2017)

  • 2020 REATE Committee is Instituted

    The Revitalization Program for Exploration and Production of Oil and Natural Gas on Land integrates a National Policy for boosting the Brazilian onshore sector.

  • Expansion of our asset portfolio

    1st Bid round of the Permanent Offer. We acquired the marginal fields of Saíra, Mosquito, Fazenda Gameleira and Tiziu.

  • Successful acquisition of our first Energy hub

    Tucano Sul was acquired in Petrobras' divestment bid rounds. With Tucano Sul we gained production, collection and transportation infrastructure connected to the largest national gas transportation network.

  • Financial Strength Gained

    Prisma Capital, an alternative asset manager with R$15 billion under management, took control of Origem Energia.

  • REATE Board is created

    A regional articulation forum for conducting structuring themes of the oil and natural gas chain.

  • Beginning of the Energy Generation Project

    We started the Flexible Thermal Park Project with a 330 MW generation capacity at the Alagoas hub.

  • Brazil Begins to Change – New Gas Law

    The opening of the gas market breaks the monopoly and creates conditions for new agents, as well as the use and monetization of pre-salt gas. The sector's deverticalization, from production to distribution, creates a competitive and transparent work environment. Gas Law 6.407/13

  • Start of Operations at the Alagoas Hub

    Acquired in Petrobras' divestment bid rounds, this facility positions us as an energy and infrastructure company. We now manage a 380-km pipeline network, a UPGN with access to the national grid for transportation, and an oil export terminal to serve a diversified customer portfolio.

  • Initiation of LNG Interiorization and Gas Storage Projects in Alagoas state.

    With this project, Origem can support the energy security matrix with the capacity to store up to 1.5 billion m³/day.

  • Asset Portfolio Expansion

    Acquisition of 18 blocks in the Tucano Sul and Alagoas basins in the 3rd Bid round of the Permanent Offer. We now manage 34 concessions in the states of Alagoas, Bahia, Espírito Santo, and Rio Grande do Norte.

  • Licensing in the Alagoas Energy Generation Park

    Two flexible thermal power plants with a capacity to produce 280 MW were licensed. The project's key differentiator is the turbines that allow activation in 15 minutes for intermittent renewable scenarios. In total, there will be 7 UTES, with two already licensed and five smaller ones with a generation capacity of 10 MW each.


    The concession for lot MAC11A was awarded for the next 25 years in the auction for the lease of port areas by the Ministry of Ports and Airports and ANTAQ in Alagoas. The liquid bulk terminal, which plays a crucial role in oil import and export, has the capability to reach any location within the country or abroad.